Adopt A Student

Many families in our community who want a brighter, faith-filled future for their child can’t afford the benefits provided by Grant Park Christian Academy. Many students that become lost in traditional schools thrive in our nurturing environment. Instilling values such as hard work, respect, and the fruit of the spirit, can give these students the opportunity to excel and develop into promising future leaders.

Recipient's of Adopt A Student

Recipients of Adopt-A-Student scholarships are both of character and have significant financial need. Each Adopt-A-Student recipient must be accepted through our regular admissions process and adhere to GPCA’s code of conduct. Regular attendance, timely arrivals, Christian character and good grades are expected from Adopt-A-Students. In addition, each family must pay a portion of the tuition fee — creating a true partnership and investment by all.

Our Program

Through this program, we will match financially challenged students with donors. The students selected are informed of their adoption and, through the GPCA office, contact the donor with news of their progress during the year. 

Donors are gratified to know they helped a specific student and made a big difference in his or her life. This can remain anonymous but it is often encouraging to the student to know the name of someone that is interested in their Christian education.
Recipients must have a low EFC (expected family contribution) as determined by their FACTS application. They often have special circumstances, such as being from single-parent homes or families with many children.
Contact our business office if you would like to give a deserving student the opportunity to study His word every day.
Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

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